GRAN RISTRETTO | Capsules Nespresso®  Compatible 10 pieces.

A refined espresso, a palette of aromas and flavours that compose a unique blend.

With strict criteria we select superior quality varieties from excellent farms around the world; we collect the materials and create the ideal ratio of the blend, giving it aromatic intensity and constant taste superiority.

Organoleptic profile: Gently pleasant, fruity aroma that prevails. The refined taste of espresso is identified with the whole body of coffee, which makes it an ideal choice after a dinner. The sweetness in the taste prevails over the bitterness while the acidity is low, almost completely absent.  The notes of cocoa and roasted almonds in the finish dominate throughout the coffee drink, leaving an intense, sweet and fruity feeling in perfect balance.

Intensity: 9

An authentic, Italian espresso!

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