Gran Caffè
Gran Caffè is an Exclusive, Luxury Espresso, bringing forth the best of the Italian art of coffee roasting with a selection of premium single-origin coffees, hand roasted and expertly blended.
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Exclusive 100% Arabica

A unique blend, based on a secret recipe created under the UTZ sustainability certification, consists of twelve pure Arabica varieties, originating from the best limited production coffee-growing areas of nine countries located in Central and South America, East Africa and Asia. The origins of the coffee varieties and the blending procedure, both guarantee a splendid tasting experience.


Organoleptic Profile and Sensory Analysis

An invigorating balance of citrus and spicy notes. A flawless blend that mixes chocolate-like sweetness with the finest citrus notes in a full body coffee. The delicate sweetness and the refined acidity constitute this coffee a sophisticated, elegant one that accumulates its various elements to a single taste with a full body and a long finish that is pleasantly acid.

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