Gran Caffè
Gran Caffè is an Exclusive, Luxury Espresso, bringing forth the best of the Italian art of coffee roasting with a selection of premium single-origin coffees, hand roasted and expertly blended.
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Gran Miscela

The Sophisticated Espresso

A sophisticated espresso, a pallet of scents and tastes that constitute a superior blend. Full volume fragrance and constant taste superiority.  With strict criteria we select premium quality varieties from extraordinary farms all over the world thus creating the ideal blending profile.


Organoleptic Profile and Sensory Analysis

Gently pleasant fruity scents that persist. The delicate taste of this espresso coincides with the roundness of its body thus constituting this coffee an excellent after-dinner beverage.  Sweetness in taste prevails over bitterness and the acidity is extremely low, almost entirely absent. The scent of cacao and roasted almonds in the end is prevailing throughout the coffee consumption, leaving an intense, sweet and fruity aftertaste in a fine balance. This is a real Italian Espresso Blend.

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