Christmas and baby, these words together are magic!

Christmas and baby, these words together are magic.

“Christmas” and “baby”! But tell me how beautiful they  sound! A few years ago you may have heard of Christmas and the only  thoughts were about office work, street traffic and kinship tables that you have seen for centuries, but this year things will be different!

Because Christmas with the baby is PERFECT!


You are no longer just two at home, but three. This Christmas is very important for you and your baby. Your child’s first Christmas must be magical and will be unforgettable forever!

Let your baby have a complete picture for Christmas. He must even from the first time see, touch, smell everything. Decorate the house and the baby’s room. To touch the branches of the tree. Let it not get all the smells of Christmas.

The first acquaintance with Santa Claus. Yes, and now you can relive the anxiety about when Santa Claus will come. Now you can make the first acquaintance or find a Santa Claus in a mall or get a costume for your husband or brother etc. You will need it in the coming years when you will have to make more beautiful scenes for your child, who will have grown up.