The book that changed my life (without exaggeration!)

Robin Sharma in his excellent book “Who Will Cry When You Die?” helps us realize that the purpose of life is a purposeful life.

Through reading the book, you feel much better! It’s a book that answers almost all of your personal inner questions, like a life guide.

Life passes very quickly. And nothing is more painful than realizing that you have reached the end of it without realizing what was really important. Maybe because you were too busy with things that didn’t really matter.

This book has helped thousands of people around the world, like me, to focus on what has real value and simplify their daily lives to live a happier, more intense and meaningful life.

It is based on the philosophy and inspiring messages of the Monk who sold his Ferrari, the book that transformed the lives of numerous people. This is a simple and understandable life guide, through which the author shares 101 wise tips that will help you know that true success is what really matters in life.

It is the self-help book that every woman and every man needs, next to it on the nightstand. It’s a life guide with 101 answers to each of our questions.

It is no coincidence that the author of the book, Robin Sarma, is a life coach. His books have become best sellers, so a success translated into almost 40 languages.

The question “Who will cry when you die?” It is a well-known phrase used by many life coaches.

The aim of the book is to lead you to live a more conscious, happy and full life.

The author answers the “how” in 101 topics and indicatively answers the following:

  • I start the day well
  • Focus on what is worthwhile
  • Make a List of Your Problems
  • Make time for a Family Meal
  • Learn how to take a walk
  • Plant a tree
  • Do not pick up the phone every time it rings
  • Find your peaceful refuge
  • Listen to music every day
  • Offer voluntary work

The book “Who will cry when you die?” is the best book I have read so far. The same is believed by those who bought it either after my proposal, or on their own.

I will introduce you to chapter 8 of the book entitled “Start Your Day Well!”.

A chapter that changed my life, without exaggeration. A chapter I read many times trying to understand what these first thirty minutes of our day are. According to the author, it is the platinum half hour for refueling and renewal.

In this half hour, he advises us to think only of the purest thoughts and to do only the most kind deeds.

According to Robin Sharma, every morning we must do the following:

1. 15 minutes of silent meditation focusing on all the good things in life.
2. We envision what our day will be like, that is, we imagine that it will develop as we expect it.
3. We read excerpts from a good book (he reads Life in the Forest, Thoreau, Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography, Marcus Aurelius’ Self in Self).

It’s the best way to help yourself. This book will support you in the best way! You will love it!