5 + 1 Christmas movies

1. Christmas Made to Order (2018)

An architect hosts his family for Christmas and hires a holiday coordinator who will not only bring holiday decorations into his life.

2. Christmas Wonderland (2018)

A gallery curator revives her passion for art and not only when she returns to her hometown for the holidays and reunites with her school love.

3. 12 Gifts of Christmas (2015)

When a penniless artist finds a job as a personal shopping assistant, she meets an anxious advertiser who is not only passionate about her ability to shop for gifts.

4. My Christmas Inn (2018)

Shortly before a big promotion, a woman inherits an inn in Alaska, where Christmas traditions and a lawyer begin to charm her.

5. Operation Christmas Drop (2020)

An exemplary political assistant falls in love with a kind-hearted military pilot while trying to destroy his tropical base and Christmas tradition.

6. A Wedding for Christmas (2018)

When her sister’s Christmas wedding coincides with a job event, an ambitious wedding planner has to choose: career or family?

All movies are available on Netflix