At a time when everyone is running to find things and can’t calm down, we forget the simple things.

We trying to solve and the complicated.

We are constantly running for business, we try to fit everything in 24 hours and in the end, no matter how complicated it gets, we are still not satisfied.

There is no time to enjoy, because we are permanently focused elsewhere. It is difficult for us to put some brakes, to see for once what we want and not our ego.

Surely, after all the running we force ourself to do, do you really know what he want? A relaxed conversation and a walk.



As a result, for years now, I have established a ‘ritual’.

I give myself time to eliminate the stress and the meanings of everyday life …




With relaxed music I enjoy my favourite tea with orange, cinnamon and vanilla.


I dedicate at least 15 minutes to myself.

Every day.

Because, first, I love me!