The Art of Ballet

Russian art critic and supporter Sergei Diaghilev returned to ballet in France when he founded his own company, Ballets Russes. It consisted of Russian dancers who had been exiled to Paris after the Russian Revolution. Many well-known ballets, such as “Cinderella”, were a product of Soviet ballet. At that time, these pieces were largely unknown outside the Soviet Union and, later, the Eastern bloc. Nevertheless, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, they became known to the world and gained more recognition. Russian troupes, especially after World War II, toured extensively around the world and played an important role in reviving ballet in the West.

During the Cold War, when the United States They used cinema and television to spread their views and ideals, and the Soviet Union responded with a culture of high aesthetics, music and ballet. To date, the Russian Government has made a significant contribution to the preservation of the art of ballet by funding organizations and theaters.

Although it is an art that has been loved by the whole world and has adapted to different cultures, ballet seems to have found its place on the map.