The story of the authentic Italian Panettone

The story of the authentic Italian Panettone

Don’t be mistaken and try to call it a cake. It has nothing to do with cake. Panettone has its own method of preparation compared to any other simple pastry.

The cake stands out from the cylindrical base about fifteen centimeters high. It is usually full of raisins and candied fruit, as well as pieces of chocolate. After all, its name simply means “big loaf of bread” and that’s right: it’s a big, sweet, rich loaf of bread.

The secret of yeast.

The very lightness of the panettone is given by the yeast used to give it height, but it is unlikely that the original recipe had yeast in the ingredients: it seems that yesterday’s panettoni were more flattering than what we eat today.

Panettone Barbero

The elegance of a timeless historical brand and the authenticity of a Panettone derived from the finest raw materials *, wheat germ, such as Calabrian orange peel harvested and peeled by hand, Madagascar vanilla, honey obtained from the nectar of flowers collected exclusively bees in the forests of the Tuscan hills and unprocessed sea salt.

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